A Subconcious Debate

Talking to yourself is not a diagnosis of being a mad human. It is just a simple reflection of taking time to yourself and criticise your existence. You may not get the right answer yet you see yourself still getting some sort of relief everytime you question your very existence. What would your subconscious main debate topic be? I guess you should take a bit of time for yourself.

A Letter to Covid 19

If you had the chance to write a letter to covid what would be the main feeling being carried throughout the letter. Anger? Pain? well whatever it is I think we all should give it hats off for winning the many battles we've both had. Yet despite the huge loss on mankind I think you will find that another species did thrive under this horrible atrocity against us.

The Simulation Doctor

What if the the Matrix was truly real? What if everything was just a dream and one day you wake up into the abyss. The real meaning behind this film was how truly we were in our own simulation world during lockdown. Everything looks and feels real yet at the same time Un-real.

Scotland - A Cinematic Experience (4K)

The beauty of Scotland was multiplied when viewed through a Bird's eye view. So I hope you get to expereince the wonders of the North the same way as any flying bird would when moving South.

Stuck at Home - A Quarantine short film

Produced at a time when Britain was at it's peak lockdown. At a time where leaving your house was punishable by law. So what does a filmmaker who's creativity is supressed do at such a time. Go mad and start sharing the norms of living at home in a cinematice technique.